Why would you choose big name guys who pay fortunes on advertising and charge that on your bill? Choose us and save your pennies.

Are you licensed practitions?

Yes. Our team has licensed builder lead work, licensed plumber, licensed electrician.

Do you have project manager who I can talk everything about my project ?

Simon who is our project manager and qualified builder himself he will look after you renovation work from beginning to the end. By him managing your project, you won’t waste your pennies on materials, He will arrange different tradees at right time so work will flow smoothly.

Do you make customised kitchen?

Yes We have our own manufacturer so we will help you from planning the kitchen plan. Trend and functional needs will be all achieved by Add value reno kitchen team.

Do yo have public liability insurance?

Yes we do have 1 million public liability insurance.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes once we finish job we will provide a certificate of completion this will state a warranty for the job we have done.

Do you have time frame for every work?

Once we decide everything for your project, Simon will give you a start date, and lists of work and time schedule. We most likely work out faster than our plan. You won’t need to chase anyone. Project manager Simon will plan and arrange everything for you.

I want to change structure of my existing room. Do I need go through city council consent?

Not all the structure change need consent, Add value renovation team can discuss with you and let you know rather you would need consent or not. Give us a call to discuss with us

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