We accumulate all our best cooking center points in one place.
We realize that renovating a kitchen is frequently a difficult procedure—believe us, we’ve been there. In any case, it’s justified regardless of the exertion on the grounds that an effective rebuild increases the value of your home as well as adds delight to your life. All things considered, kitchens are the center of the home and in the event that you want to cook, an incredible kitchen is life-upgrading as well as groundbreaking.

Transform your kitchen into a showpiece for your family home.

For as little as $7,000
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Here’s why Omni Metal Roofing is a fantastic choice for renovating your kitchen…

We only do quality
We pride ourselves in great
workmanship, regardless of
your budget
We loath delays
We run all our projects start
to finish –no unnecessary
delays is best for everyone.
Experienced team
We’ve installed all sizes,
shapes, makes and models
of kitchen!
Competitively priced
Other builders add huge
mark-up to ‘smaller’
renovations. We Don’t.

We have a very high standard of
workmanship and we’re very
determined to keep our no-delays
promise. Every aspect of the kitchen
installation is carefully managed and
quality controlled.

We’ll make every effort to leave you
more than satisfied with your new

Rule of thumb is to spend no more
than 5% – 10% of the value of your
home on renovations. Upgrading your
kitchen should ultimately add sellable
value and lifestyle appeal to your

We’ll help you understand your
options, without overcapitalising on
your home improvement.

Not sure where to start?

Talk to our Auckland regional project manager Simon about your ideas, budget and timeframe.


Please leave your name and number if he’s busy; He always phones back.
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